Priorities & Expectations

The priorities within our school curriculum and the expectations we have for all students have been established following consultation with all members of our school community.

Our curriculum is made up by the core subject areas shown within the triangle below with literacy and numeracy the major priorities. 

The aspects shown on the perimeter of the triangle and integrated within all of the core subject areas and throughout the life of the school.

Our Expectations for Student Achievement

BE:         Lifelong readers
DO:        Read for information & enjoyment
KNOW:  The strategies for decoding text and making meaning
Speaking & Listening
BE:         Active listeners and confident speakers
DO:        Express ideas, feelings and thoughts and respond appropriately to others in a range of contexts
KNOW:  The ways of using language in different situations.
BE:         Effective writers in a range of circumstances
DO:        Write in a variety of forms for a range of purposes and audiences
KNOW:  Know and understand the power of written language
BE:         Number smart
DO:        Estimate, calculate and manipulate numbers
KNOW:  How to use knowledge and strategies in real life contexts
Health Education
BE:         Responsible for their own well-being
DO:        Explore, develop and maintain healthy practices
KNOW:  How healthy living practices impact upon themselves and others
Physical Education
BE:         Physically active
DO:        Learn new skills and strategies to extend their abilities in movement activities
KNOW:  The benefits both physically and socially of regular physical activity
Social Sciences
BE:         Informed, responsible person
DO:        Participate and take action in societal issues
KNOW:  About people, places, cultures, histories and the economic world
BE:         Curious and knowledgeable about our world and the wider universe
DO:        Develop the skills, attitudes and values for understanding the world and beyond
KNOW:  Scientific knowledge is evolving and is constantly re-evaluated in light of new evidence
BE:         Innovative thinkers
DO:        Investigate, solve and improve products and systems
KNOW:  How technology impacts on our lives
The Arts
BE:         Willing, immaginative participants in the arts
DO:        Create and respond to ideas through movement, sound and image
KNOW:  About the importance of the arts in our lives and in different cultures
Environmental Education
BE:         Responsible guardians of our environment
DO:        Take action as an individual or member of a group
KNOW:  The impact people have on our environment 
Higher Order Thinking Skills
BE:         Confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers
DO:        Use a variety of thinking tools and strategies in everyday situations
KNOW:  That good thinking involves learning and practicing strategies
Information & Communication Technology
BE:         Competent users of information technologies
DO:        Research, gather, analyse and present information using IT
KNOW:  That advances in ICT impact on our personal and working lives
Te Reo & Tikanga Māori
BE:        Accepting of diversity within our society
DO:       Participate confidently in Te Reo and Tikanga Māori
KNOW: Procedures and protocols of Māori culture